Beautiful British Columbia

Two of my large scale paintings of the Dallas waterfront will be included in the, “Beautiful British Columbia”, show at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. The show starts August 18th and will continue to Sept. 19th 2016. There will be an opening reception and I’ll post the details when I have them.

Dallas Road, Victoria

Above, Dallas Road Waterway 4.5′ x 5′ acrylic on canvas

Where the Ocean Breaks

Above, Dallas Road Stairwell 5′ x 4.5′ acrylic on canvas

I’m looking forward to meeting new art lovers and artists. Hopefully I’ll see you there.


Monday Colouring Pages

Monday morning is the day we all embark from our caves, off to be chattel to the machine of commercialism. It’s an unavoidable but universal truth. Monday sucks. Give yourself a little lift with these free downloadable colouring pages (or if you’re from below the border, coloring pages). I upload them every Monday. Please do check in each week for a fresh new page.  I never know what I’ll do next.


Good luck this Monday morning.  May coffee be with you.

Rose ♥


I went to the park today to draw something cheerful.  I walked in with my pens and sketchbook planning to sit on the grass and draw ice cream cones.  I was immediately approached by a woman who gave me these flowers and told me my aura was purple.

I’ll take her word for it.


It’s now in my library of free colouring pages.



The last year has been a long one.  My mother had a bone marrow transplant and she’s doing well.  Due to a few different circumstances I’ve had to move twice which has been a real blow to my art making.   I’m convinced moving repeatedly is completely inhumane.  My new place is absolutely lovely and right next to Beacon Hill Park.  Big sigh of relief.

A small recap of my last year.  I showed in the Integrate Arts Festival for the third year.  I was interviewed by CBC radio.  I experimented with sculpture.  Now I’m enjoying my time and puttering about.

As I get my new place together I’m starting to prep for painting.  You can still buy my current prints at Milkman’s Daughter in Victoria and now they’re stocking my cards.


Smoking Lily Blog Post

Smoking Lily recently approached me and asked if they could do a blog post on my Cheer series.  You can read it here.

The last year has been interesting hearing all the feedback from my Cheer series.  I try not to get too into my motives for creating it because I feel it says something personally about each individual as they see it.  I’ve loved listening to each and every story of connection the series has brought about.

Since I’ve enjoyed your feedback so much I guess it’s only fair that I speak up a little. Ellen from Smoking Lily did an excellent job listening to me and prying out the information.  Thanks Ellen!

My prints are available in Smoking Lily’s shop, The MilkMan’s Daughter.

Bonspiel -Purses to the People!


Life is ramping up with my mother’s impending bone marrow transplant.  I have locked down and am getting things together because the next few coming months are going to be tough.

One of the new projects I have going on is a collaboration with Ellen The Great, from Bonspiel.  She is a one woman powerhouse who designs, prints and sews leather handbags and other good things.  Everything is handmade.  We’ve begun working together with my drawings printed on her leather handbags.

This collaboration is a dream for me.  I’ve been a fan of Ellen’s work since the early days of Etsy.

phone-case-magnolia zippered-wallet-strap-feather

She is currently in a flurry of creation, making making making things, so keep an eye on her shop to see them as they roll out.  Click HERE for her online Etsy store.

Our new collection is called Graphite to Gold.  If you’re in the Victoria area and would like an invite to our launch party (if we have one) send me a message with your email address.

Rose ♥