Artist Playtime

RoseLemonade-Strange-Skies-poster copy

I have an unholy obsession with home made Bob Ross style, thrifted paintings (who doesn’t, right?) I’ve been collecting them for years.  So much so that I believe I drove up the price in the Greater Victoria area (oops).  One day in 2005 I started painting UFO’s in the skylines and it became a bit of a cult hit with my Uvic classmates.  After lugging boxes of them around move after move I decided to show them (lest all my friends refuse to move me anymore).

I’d always planned on releasing them back from whence they came but had a hard time parting with them.  To me they were uninhibited artistic playtime, an artistic tangent.  My only rule was it had to look like the original painter put the UFO’s in.  In my mind they’re a little tribute to kitsch, humour and art.

I had the art opening Halloween night 2013 and my little oddballs got their time on gallery walls. The poster shows a recent painting (artistic license) but you can see the entire show, Strange Skies- Super Natural British Columbia, held at The Little Fernwood Gallery by clicking the links.


And keep your eyes open for an art drop.  These babies are going places.