Bonspiel -Purses to the People!


Life is ramping up with my mother’s impending bone marrow transplant.  I have locked down and am getting things together because the next few coming months are going to be tough.

One of the new projects I have going on is a collaboration with Ellen The Great, from Bonspiel.  She is a one woman powerhouse who designs, prints and sews leather handbags and other good things.  Everything is handmade.  We’ve begun working together with my drawings printed on her leather handbags.

This collaboration is a dream for me.  I’ve been a fan of Ellen’s work since the early days of Etsy.

phone-case-magnolia zippered-wallet-strap-feather

She is currently in a flurry of creation, making making making things, so keep an eye on her shop to see them as they roll out.  Click HERE for her online Etsy store.

Our new collection is called Graphite to Gold.  If you’re in the Victoria area and would like an invite to our launch party (if we have one) send me a message with your email address.

Rose ♥

Next Painting in Wallflower Series


This is an in-progress shot of my newest painting.  Watercolour & graphite on paper, 22″ x 28″.

These words have been rolling around my head a lot recently as a self protective measure. Tough weeks dealing with difficult  people who want nothing more than to see you crumble.   I find a lot of human behaviours are wrapped around control and power over others.  Nothing is right, they always want more and they want to see you hurt.  So much more can be gained by working together, being kind and having trust in people.  But there are always the saboteurs.

To them I say ‘BITE ME’.