Next Painting in Wallflower Series


This is an in-progress shot of my newest painting.  Watercolour & graphite on paper, 22″ x 28″.

These words have been rolling around my head a lot recently as a self protective measure. Tough weeks dealing with difficult  people who want nothing more than to see you crumble.   I find a lot of human behaviours are wrapped around control and power over others.  Nothing is right, they always want more and they want to see you hurt.  So much more can be gained by working together, being kind and having trust in people.  But there are always the saboteurs.

To them I say ‘BITE ME’.




My Used Victoria Ad

Getting rid of a couch is not as easy as it sounds.

“Parlour Couch”

Parlour Couch

“This is hands down, the most uncomfortable couch I’ve ever owned.  It’s quality made, prim & proper, perfect for tea with the ladies…  if the ladies are between 4′ and  5’4” tall.  Everyone else is guaranteed to feel like a giant lumbering hairless yeti whilst sitting in it.  The upside is it makes your living room look like it has a vaulted ceiling.

But it’s so cute!  you say.  Until your buttocks and back feel like they’ve been walloped by a thousand pool noodle lashes.

Quote regarding couch from friend while having tea, “Uh, mother@*ker”

If that wasn’t enough this couch also comes with a story.  As I stood gazing at this gem an extraordinarily tall man with long arms approached me.  He was wearing work clothes that were splattered in a way that suggested he’d just come out of the season finale of the Walking Dead, season 1.  He had moments earlier been admiring a couple of old axes which he picked up making his arms look like extended axe hands. He swayed them a little as he asked me if I needed a lift home with the couch.

So obviously I said yes. He told me to meet him out back at the cube van with a sword painted on the side.    When I got out back I took note that other than the sword there was no identifying information anywhere on the vehicle.  As he rolled up the back of the truck I decided it was either kill’n time or gett’n an awesome couch time.

Wish I remembered axe man’s name.  If you ever come across him please give him a high-5 for me.  I owe him a painting.

Couch could use a steam cleaning.”

Parlour Couch Drawing