Artist Rose Currie is a creative adventurer and passionate explorer.



Rose was born and raised in the misty environs of Vancouver Island. She earned her visual arts diploma from Vancouver Island University and her B.F.A with honours from the internationally acclaimed University of Victoria.  She has 20 years professional experience in the art sector; she has worked in scenic painting for theatre, fashion photography, social media & surface design.
Rose exhibits her work locally and around the country.  Satirical, quirky or raw, her work reflects a multitude of personal experiences and unique perspectives. Her autobiographical photo titled ‘Only 33’,  was awarded first place in The Naked Truth category of Monday Magazine’s 2012 photography awards.  Her self-portrait was part of the ground breaking exhibition ‘Photosensitive Cancer Connections’ which toured Canada from 2008-2010. The exhibit including her photo, was published into a photography book.
Rose authored the popular blog ‘The Adventures of Baldylocks’, where she chronicled her life after cancer with humour and insightful panache. To this day she’s the reigning Bike Prom Queen of Victoria. She wears her prom sash and waxes poetic whenever she throws back an ice cold martini.